Scottish Borders and Northumberland

Currently off air for refurbishment.

GB3BT-DMR is configured to operate
in DMM and DMR modes

When in DMM mode TS1 TG9 CC1 is active for local(RF) QSO's alongside Analogue mode

When in DMR mode only GB3BT is linked to the Brandmeister Network TS1 TG23551 CC1
and TS2 TG 2355 CC1 as well as TS1 TG9 CC1

Additionally in DMR mode all Brandmeister TG's are available: TS1 TG9 CC1 is retained
for local(RF) QSO's

Radio Configuration

TX Frequency = 145.100MHz ;
RX Frequency = 145.700MHz :

ColorCode = 1 ; TimeSlot = 1 ;
TalkGroup = 9 ; Local (RF) QSO's

ColorCode = 1 ; Timeslot = 1 ;
TalkGroup = 23551 ; ScotMulti QSO's

ColorCode = 1 ; Timeslot = 2 ;
TalkGroup = 2355 ; ScotWide QSO's

ColorCode = 1 ; Timeslot = 2 ;
TalkGroup = {any valid Brandmeister TG}

Talk Group Info

TS1 TG9 is the local to GB3BT talk group with similar coverage to GB3BT analogue

TS1 TG23551 is the MultiMode talk group where different digital modes can QSO seamlessly

TS2 TG2355 is the local to Scotland talk group ; the " calling channel " if you may

TS2 any valid Brandmeister talk group allows you direct connection to Brandmeister TG's around the World